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 43137 Installer's Tool Kit Show me the large selection of top quality tools from the brand names you trust.
The Mighty Might Basic Tool Kits - Ultra compact tool kit for students, professors, office managers or any one wanting a small basic set of fine tools
43137 Installer's Tool Kit
Perfect for minor repairs.
Ideal Basic Tool Kit For Instructors, Students, Inspectors And Techs

Ultra Compact Kit Holds Just The Necessities

Great For The Glove box, Desk Drawer, Or Briefcase

This innovative Installerís Tool Kit includes all the professional specialty tools needed for retrofit wire and cable installation in any structure. The 40-plus tools in this Installerís Tool Kit come organized in a heavy duty ballistic nylon case for quick and easy retrieval.

Carry your tools, long rods and bits to the job in one trip. This lightweight and tough case is easy to carry and comes complete with everything needed for running and concealing wires.

Installerís kit includes: studfinder, wet noodle & retriever, pocket hook retriever, Creep-Zit Kit, 3' fiberglass push/pull rod, 4' fiberglass phosphorous push/pull rod, 6' fiberglass phosphorous push/pull rod, Grabbit 18' pole with rubber caps, 10 spring steel wire bits, flex bits & extensions directional tool, Spear-Zit bits (3/8" x 24", 3/8" x 48", 1/2" x 18"), bellhanger bits (3/8" x 36", 3/8" x 72", 1/2" x 24"), flex extension (for 3/16" & 1/4" & 5/16" shafts) and carrying case.

Built For:
• Systems Administrators  
• PC / Workstation Service Techs  
• Quality Control Personnel  
• Supervisors, Instructors and Students  
• Or anyone requiring a basic set of fine electronics tools.

Kit Highlights:
Ultra Compact Tool Case - Fits anywhere.
13 pc. Hex Key Set - Sizes .050"- 1/4" for maximum versatility.
Chain Nose Pliers - For the bending and forming of leads.
Full Flush Cutters - For the cutting of fine wires.
Soldering Iron and Supplies - Quickly remedy broken solder joints.
IC Extractor - To safely remove ICs without damage.
Wire Stripper - Adjustable for any size wire.
• Plus many more commonly used basic hand tools.

See below for the pricing for this tool kit.

43137 Tool Selection
Wet noodle & retriever
Pocket hook retriever
Creep-Zit Kit
3' fiberglass push/pull rod
4' fiberglass phosphorous push/pull rod
6' fiberglass phosphorous push/pull rod
Grabbit 18' pole with rubber caps
10 spring steel wire bits
Flex bits & extensions directional tool
Spear-Zit bits (3/8" x 24", 3/8" x 48", 1/2" x 18")
Bellhanger bits (3/8" x 36", 3/8" x 72", 1/2" x 24")
Flex extension (for 3/16" & 1/4" & 5/16" shafts)
Carrying case
Plier, Chain Nose, 5"
43137 Kit Pricing

43137 Installer's Tool Kit
Kit Weight: 25 lbs

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