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 81130 Structured Wiring Installer Tool Kits Show me the large selection of top quality tools from the brand names you trust.
81130 Structured Wiring Installer Tool Kit
Structured Wiring Installer Tool Kit
Geared for Security and Audio Video Installers

Everything To Run, Terminate,
Test and Trace Low Voltage
Structured Wiring

Our newest Tool Kit is built with you, our Security and Audio/Video Installers, in mind. The 81130 Structured Wiring Installer Tool Kit contains all the tools and test equipment needed to run, terminate, trace and test low voltage structured wiring throughout residential and commercial buildings during new construction or for remodel jobs.

In addition to its great selection of over 40 quality hand tools, this comprehensive tool kit also provides tooling to strip, crimp, field terminate and punchdown the most commonly used home theater, security, audio, telecom, Cat5 and home automation connectors including F-Connectors, RCA connectors, RJ-11 and RJ-45 modular plugs and jacks. Easily run low voltage wiring through, over and around walls with the included 60 foot Fish Tape.

Once you have run and terminated the wiring, this kit has everything you need to test and trace it to make sure its ready to go! It's easy to prevent call backs with the included Resi-Tester All-In-One Residential Wiring Tester and Resi-Tracer Probe. Choose your favorite tool case from our selection of nine different case options shown below. And remember, ALL Tecra Tools kits include a Lifetime Hand Tool Warranty and a 3-year tool case shell Warranty, so you can buy with confidence..

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Built For:
• Security and Audio Video Installers  
• Installers of Low Voltage Structured Wiring  

Kit Highlights:
• Resi-Tester All-in-One Wiring Tester - verify wiring for ALL kinds of Audio/Video Cabling
• Resi-Tracer Probe - trace wiring through walls
• Crimpers and Strippers - for all types of structured wire termination
• Quality Guaranteed Klein Screwdrivers and Pliers
• 60 ft Fish Tape - for running wires

See below for the case options and pricing for this series.

81130 Series Tool Selection
Resi-Tracer Probe
Coax Remote Sets (10 pcs)
RJ-45 Identifiers (20 pcs)
RJ-11 Identifiers (20 pcs)
Drywall Saw
Universal Compression Crimper
RJ-45, RJ-11 Crimper
UTP Stripper
Preset Coax Stripper
Klein 8" Cable Cutters
Klein 4" Cutter
Klein 5" HD Cutter
5" Long Nose, Cooper
6" Long Nose , Klein
F Connector Removal/Insertion Tool
Punchdown Tool with 66 & 110 Blades
F Connector Security Shield Tool
Small Parts Box
Flaring Insertion Tool
Wire Marker Dispenser
Flashlight, Industrial
25' Tape Measure
6" Adjustable Wrench
Electrician’s Knife
Klein CG Screwdriver Set
4-in-1 Stubby Screwdriver
60' Flat-Steel Fish Tape
Staple Gun
5/16" Staples
1/4" Staples
Hook & Loop Cable Ties (50 Pack)
Wire Stripper 10-18 AWG
6 3/4" Tweezers (Med. Angled Tip)
Pocket Screwdrivers (3/32", 1/8", #0)
Jeweler’s 5-pc Combination SD Set
Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
18" Telescoping Mirror
Steel Rule, 6"
Screw Starter

81130 Series Case Options
A tough molded polyethylene tool case that is available in yellow or black. Add some extra space in your toolkit. Super-Duty Tool Cases

Extra Room For More Gear

Are you carrying bulky power tools, lots of spare parts, or large test equipment? Then this case being both, wider and deeper, should be your first choice in wheel-less cases. Made tough, these cases carry our one year warranty.

81130SXLB  Kit in 10" Black Super-Duty Tool Case
I.D.: 18.25"x 15"x 9.75" Kit Weight: 51 lbs
81130SXLY  Kit in 10" Yellow Super-Duty Tool Case
I.D.: 18.25"x 15"x 9.75" Kit Weight: 51 lbs

roto-roller rotationally molded polyethylene wheeled tool case with recessed wheels and 
		telescoping handle available in granite or black. Ideal as checked baggage when traveling. Roto-Roller Tool Cases

Built-in Wheels and Handle

Extended Three Year Warranty

Are you tired of carrying your tool kit? Do you pay extra for close-in parking to avoid carrying your kit too far? Then save yourself the backache and get your tool kit in a Roto-Roller Wheeled Tool Case. This brilliant design incorporates a telescoping handle, four recessed wheels, and elastic straps for securing your extra gear on top. Ideal for those who travel across the country or just across town. Make the smart choice, you'll be glad you did!

81130WLLB  Kit in 9" Black Roto-Roller Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 14.5"x 9" Kit Weight: 57 lbs
81130WLLG  Kit in 9" Granite Roto-Roller Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 14.5"x 9" Kit Weight: 57 lbs
81130WXLB  Kit in 12" Black Roto-Roller Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 14.5"x 12" Kit Weight: 57 lbs
81130WXLG  Kit in 12" Granite Roto-Roller Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 14.5"x 12" Kit Weight: 57 lbs

Roto Max Tool Case - This rotationally molded case is built to last Roto Max Tool Case

10" & 14" Case Sizes

Built-in Handle and Wheels

100% Military Style Hardware

Rotationally Molded & Built To Last

NEW Roto-Max Tool Case - The best just got better! Our best tool case ever! This rotationally molded case is built to last. Featuring 100% military style hardware (recessed 1/4-turn latches, two spring loaded handles and four recessed ball bearing wheels). We've also rotated the telescoping handle to horizontal so that your tools won't fall out of your tool pallets while traveling. The case has a resettable combination lock for security and a three year shell warranty.

81130MLLB  Kit in 10" Roto Max Tool Case
I.D.: 18"x 14.5"x 10" Kit Weight: 58 lbs
81130MXLB  Kit in 14" Roto Max Tool Case
I.D.: 18"x 14.5"x 14" Kit Weight: 59 lbs

This super rugged ATA case was specifically made for constant travel on the airlines.  
		Featuring recessed wheels and a telescoping handle this rugged case is ideal for on-the-go technicians "The BIG TANK" ATA Tool Case

Meets ATA 300 Spec. For Airline Travel

Convenience of Wheels and Handle

Has your air travel increased to the point that packing tape and shipping labels are the only thing holding your tool case together? This time get your tool kit in the only tool case specifically made to take the abuse of frequent airline travel. The telescoping handle and recessed wheels come in handy, whether you are walking from your car to the job site, or through the miles of concourses. These fine cases carry our one year warranty.

81130TXL  Kit in "The BIG TANK" ATA Tool Case
I.D.: 18.5"x 14.5"x 9.75" Kit Weight: 64 lbs

Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit Program TM

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81130SXLB Structured Wiring Installer Tool Kit

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