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 84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit 84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84854 Fiber Cleaning Kit
Everything to Clean Optical Fiber End Faces, Bulkhead Connections and Fibers in Preparation for Splicing

Comprehensive Kit Performs Over 400 Fiber Cleanings

Did you know that a majority of performance problems with optic fibers can be corrected simply by performing a proper cleaning? Tecra Tools, along with input from several of our customers, has developed a comprehensive fiber optic cleaning kit perfect for troubleshooting and repair situations.

The 84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning kit has everything you need to properly clean optical fiber end faces, bulkhead connections and fibers in preparation for splicing applications. Whether you are using singlemode or multimode fiber, this kit is designed for you.

The industry standard Cletop Cleaning cartridge in this kit delivers residue-free cleaning of connectorized fiber end faces (SC, ST, FC or LC) while the 2.5mm and 1.25mm Cletop cleaning sticks use the same proven solvent-free Cletop cleaning material to clean otherwise unreachable bulkhead (female) connector ends. In addition, the presaturated wipes and alcohol dispenser with lint-free wipes are great for general alcohol-based cleaning and removing buffer residue when prepping for fiber optic splicing. This kit contains everything you need for over 400 fiber cleanings and comes neatly organized in a convenient storage case making it ideal for onsite storage at all of your fiber optic facilities.

Kit Highlights:
Cletop S Cleaning Cartridge - for residue-free cleaning of connectorized fiber end faces (SC, ST, FC or LC).
Cletop Cleaning Sticks - clean connector ferrule endfaces in difficult to reach spots.
Duster and Wipes - for safe and effective fiber cleaning.
Blow Molded Case - blow molding for strength and durability as well as lightweight.

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Shipping weight of this tool kit is 15 pounds. See below for the kit pricing for this series.

84854 Tool Selection

Alcohol Dispenser Bottle, 8oz
AbsorbWipe Lint Free Poly Wipes, 100 pack
Cletop S Cleaning Cartridge
Cletop Replacement Reel
Cletop Cleaning Sticks, 2.5mm, 100 pack
Cletop Cleaning Sticks, 1.25mm, 100 pack
Duster, 8oz can
Optic Prep Wipes, Presaturated, 50 pack
Blow Molded Storage Case (18" x 13" x 7")

84854 Kit Pricing
84854 Fiber Cleaning Kit
Weight: 15 lbs

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