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 Soft-Sided Cordura Tool Cases

To see our selection of hard shell cases, go to: Hard-Sided Tool Cases

Tri-Section Multi-Pallet Cordura Case
Tri-Section Multi-Pallet Soft Side Cordura Tool Case - This case features interchangeable tool pallets, heavy-duty zippers and a large lockable center compartment for your laptop, drill, or other large equipment.
Super-Size Soft-Side Cordura Case - A tool case with a portable office.
1 Year Warranty
Huge Storage Compartment
Interchangeable Pallets

Extra Space In A Soft-side Case
Whether you travel to remote locations or if you require lots of tools, this case is for you. This extra large case has the most storage space available in a soft case. The majority of the space comes in the form of a massive center compartment measuring 17" x 12" x 5", large enough for your laptop, a portable drill, some spare parts, and even some manuals. For security this compartment features two combination locks.

The tool compartment contains your choice of two interchangeable tool pallets (not included) ensuring you get the pallet layout that best fits your tools. The hook & loop attachment system allows the tool pallets to easily be removed and replaced. They can even be swapped into your standard size hard case for protection when flying. Let me pick my pallets!

Well Designed
The third compartment is the portable office with a document pouch, pen pockets and various other pockets. Case measures 18" x 13" x 8" and features 3 outside pockets: one zipper pouch on the office side measuring 10" x 17" and two hook & loop closing gussetted pouches measuring 4" x 11" x 2". There are no outside pockets on the tool pallet side, so when open, the pallets (not included) lay flat.

Quality Construction
Attractive black Cordura case is so durable it will serve you for years to come. The case also features heavy-duty zippers, and a basic shoulder strap.

CXX Tri-Section Multi-Pallet Tool Case
I.D.: 17"x 12"x 5"   O.D.: 18"x 13"x 8"
Weight w/o Pallets: 6.5 lbs

Interchangeable Pallet Soft Case
Super-size Soft Side Cordura Tool Case - This case features interchangeable tool pallets, heavy-duty zippers and a large lockable center compartment for your laptop, drill, or other large equipment. 1 Year Warranty
Customize Your Case With Chioce of Pallets

Take Your Pick
Interchangeable pallets (not included) allow you to get a case with the just right combination of pockets for the tools you carry. The pallets are the same standard size pallets used in our hard tool cases, so you get to choose from 12 different pallet styles. You can even have a pallet set up for each function you perform then bring only the tool selection you need for each job. Let me pick my pallets!

The durable Cordura cover is stain and puncture resistant, with heavy-duty zippers and heavy leather wrapped web handle, it is no wonder these soft side cases last so long. Includes a basic shoulder strap & our One Year Warranty.

CLL Interchangeable Pallet Soft Case
Pick your choice of two pallets (not included)
O.D.:18"x 12.75"x 3.5"
Empty Weight:4 lbs (w/o Pallets)

Improved Technicians Cordura Tool Case - This case features our most popular tool layout.
Improved Technicians Cordura Tool Case - Built tough for years of service.
Technician's Double-Sided Tool Case
1 Year Warranty
Includes Laptop Compartment
Popular Layout

This compact two compartment case has the convenience of a brief case and the proven efficiency of our most popular cordura tool case.

The tool pallet layout has 48 pockets organized for maximum efficiency. There are places for all the common service tools, like pliers, cutters, hex and nutdriver blades, fixed handle screwdrivers, and even your test meter. The briefcase side of this double zipper case has an accordion file, and a padded pouch for your laptop computer or other supplies.

Extra Storage
If that is not enough space, there is enough room in the three gussetted outside pockets for additional test equipment and documentation. All three outside pockets feature hook & loop closures and the large one measures 8 1/2"x 13"x 2", the two small pockets measure 8 1/2"x 7 1/2"x 2". Case measurements are 17"x 10"x 7".

Quality Construction
The tough exterior is made of abrasion, water and stain resistant Cordura and closes with heavy-duty zippers. The tool pockets are double stitched and riveted at the stress points.

Includes a One Year Warranty on the case.

CL Technician's Double-Sided Tool Case
O.D.: 17" x 10" x 7" Weight: 5.5 lbs

Technician's Single-Sided Tool Case
Technicians Cordura Tool Case - Compact, efficient, and long lasting good looks, the professionals ideal case. 1 Year Warranty
Efficient Tool Layout
Roomy yet Compact

Professionals Choice
By far our most popular tool case with professional technicians who want a full set of tools in a compact case. With 46 pockets for the common tools you use everyday, each one perfectly organized for efficiency, it is easy to see why this case is the working professionals favorite soft case. It is also the durability of this case, with it's double stitched and riveted tool pockets, incredible Cordura nylon cover, heavy-duty zipper that adds to this cases popularity.

Room for Extra Equipment
With three large outside pockets, one large enough for all your paper work, and two half size pockets for your test meters, parts boxes, and spare parts. You will be happy to know, even in a compact soft case you can still carry everything you need. Includes a One Year Warranty.

CS Technician's Single-Sided Tool Case
O.D.:15.5" x 11" x 3" Empty Weight:4 lbs
64400 Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap
Thick leather pad takes the pain out of shouldering your tool kit.

Telecommunications Tool Case
Telecommunications Tool Case - Designed to hold the specific tools required for telecom work. 1 Year Warranty
Designed For Professionals
Room For Your Test Equipment

With 20 pockets specifically made to hold telecommunications tools, there are place for your: punchdown tool, tone generator and probe, lineman's butt-in set, a larger test meter or BOB, and an assortment of the necessary tools like screwdriver blades and pliers.

Room for More
With three large outside pockets, one large enough for all your paper work, and two half size pockets for your test meters, parts boxes, and spare parts. You will be happy to know, even in a compact soft case you can still carry everything you need. Includes a One Year Warranty. Case measures 10.5" x 14" x 3.5".

64676 Telecom Cordura Tool Case
O.D.:10.5" x 14" x 3.5"
Empty Weight: 3 lbs

Compact Cordura Tool Case
Compact Cordura Tool Case - With 27 pockets to keep your tools organized. 1 Year Warranty
Small yet Spacious
Durable Construction

Designed For Professionals
If you do maintenance, configurations, or light repairs, and require a complete yet small set of tools, this case is right for you. This 27 pocket tool case has a large hook & loop closing pouch for small tools and parts, a large open pocket for your meter, and enough blade pockets for a complete set of nutdriver and screwdriver blades. There is also places for 4 pliers/cutters, strippers, wrenches and other miscellaneous tools. This compact case measures a mere 12.5" x 10.5" x 3", but with the outside pockets there is enough room for spare parts, documents and more.

Made Tough
As with all of our fine Cordura tool cases, this case features double stitched and riveted tool pockets, heavy-duty zipper, and of course the tear, stain, puncture Cordura nylon cover. Includes a One Year Warranty.

64619 Compact Cordura Tool Case
O.D.:12.5" x 10.5" x 3"
Empty Weight: 3 lbs

Miniature Cordura Tool Case
The Ultra Compact Tool Case - Ideal for students, professors, hobbiests, or anyone requireing the smallest possible tool case. 1 Year Warranty
Fits in Desk Drawer
Ideal For Just The Basics

Just The Basics
This soft sided case is our most compact, measuring only 9.5" x 8" x 2", great for all the necessities. The fifteen small to mid-size pockets hold: blades, pliers crimpers, screwdrivers, a soldering iron, and small parts in the hook & loop pouch. Has no outside pockets or handles. Includes a One Year Warranty.

64678 Miniature Cordura Tool Case
O.D.:9.5"x 8"x 2"
Empty Weight:2.5 lbs

ToolPak Backpack Tool Case
ToolPak Backpack Tool Case. Unique System Keeps Tools In Place
Over 100 Pockets and Holders
Six Individual Panels

Go Anywhere
Now you and your tools are more portable and better organized than ever before. The ToolPak backpack features more than 100 pockets and tool holders in six individual panels within a rugged, waterproof pack designed to go anywhere, anytime. The ToolPak unzips to document, screwdriver, plier, utility, wrench and socket panels with two outside zippered pockets, quick-release buckle, heavy duty zipper pulls and padded shoulder straps for ergonomic, hands-free carrying. Made from waterproof Cordura, the ToolPak measures 18.5" x 14" x 3"-10" (varies on contents). This is the same rugged tool pack used by the military and government agencies.ToolPak Backpack Tool Case.

• Six Individual Panels Including: Large Document Panel, Screwdriver Panel, Plier Panel, Utility Panel, Wrench Panel and Socket Panel.
• Two Outside Pockets
• Attache Handles
• Lockable, Heavy-Duty Zippers
• Inside The Top Pocket is The Trouble Light Loop With Quick-Release Buckle
• Comfortable, Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
• Made From Layers of 1000 Denier Dupont Cordura®
• Dimensions are 18.5" (height) x 14" (width) x 3"-10" (thickness depending upon contents).

Shipping Weight of the Backpack Tool Case is 7 lbs.

BPK Backpack Tool Case
O.D.: 18.5" x 14" x 3-10" (variable)
Empty Weight: 5 lbs

Soft-Sided Wheeled Tool & Laptop Case
Wheeled Tool & Laptop Case. Telescoping Handle & Wheels
Rugged Four Section Nylon Case
Center Laptop Section with Padded Computer Sleeve

Tool Kit and Office On Wheels
Don't leave anything behind as you head to your next job with this lightweight and slimline portable tool case and office on wheels. Fit your tools, laptop and all your business necessities in one case that features the ease and convenience of wheels and a telescoping handle. Best of all this all-in-one tool and laptop case meets airline carry-on size requirements.

This rugged and durable four-section nylon case features steel hardware, three interior sections (one specifically for tool pallets), accessory pouches for meters and parts boxes, a 39" flush-mounted telescoping handle, moulded wheel housing, in-line skate ball bearing wheels.

Interior Office Section
• 26 Total interior pockets
• 6 CD/Disk pockets
• Cell phone pocket
• Glasses pocket
• 5 Accessory pockets (2 zipper/ 3 flap)
• 5 Pen loops
• Business card pocket
• Extra nylon mesh pockets

Center Laptop Section
• Removable padded computer sleeve (measuring 12" x 11" x 2")
• Removable padded zipper accessory pouch
• Full length flat pocket
• Removable divider

Rear Interior Section
• 5 Accesory pockets
• Full length flat pocket
• Web lid stays

Front Exterior Section
• Full length front zipper pocket
• Drink holder with nylon draw string

This wheeled tool and laptop case measures 18.25" x 14" x 9" and weighs just 14 pounds. This case accepts two regular size pallets (not included). Shipping weight of (empty) case is 14 pounds.

CWL Wheeled Tool & Laptop Case
O.D.: 18.5" x 14" x 9"
Empty Weight: 14 lbs

Hip Pock-Its Belt Case
Hip Pock-Its Belt Case Versatile Carry All Belt Case
Unique Ergo Dynamic Design

Organize all your smaller tools into a single, convenient location with the versatile Hip Pock-Its Carry All Case. A unique Ergo Dynamic Tool Support Belt Design makes carrying heavy items effortless. Features multiple interior pockets, stretch accessory loops, front pocket, hang loop, padded front and back panels. Easy access: Zip open-wide design. Gusset side panels secure bag contents

• Large double zipped main pouch with various inner pouches can accommodate a wide variety of tools.
• Large zipped outer pouch on flap for securing bits, credit cards, license, memory cards, etc.
• Large front flap secures high use items, yet readily available. Also holds tool pouch closed while unzipped.
• Quick access front pouch accommodates larger items.
• Holds a variety of multi-tools, flashlights, pliers, adjustable wrenches, utility knives, electrical tools, meters, keys, twisters, nail clippers, or tools of choice.
• Also ideal for: PDA's, Camera's, GPS, Cell Phones, Gaming Devices, etc.
• Rugged construction of water resistant, durable material.

Three Ways To Carry:
Adjustable waist belt fits 24" to 48". Also attaches to standard belts (1-3/4") and toolbelt/backpack waist straps (4-1/2").

64253 Hip Pock-Its Belt Case
O.D.: 9" x 6.5" x 3"
Empty Weight: 1.5 lbs

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