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 Kit Options: Cable and Network Testers

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• Digital Multimeters
• Lineman's Butt-In Handsets
3M Electronics Vacuum

MOD TAP SLT3 Cable Tester
MOD-TAP Network Cable Tester Quickly Test Voice & Data Lines
Checks USOC, 568A & 568B
Identify Common Problems

The perfect tester for economically troubleshooting Category V Wiring. The continuously-sequencing LED display provides instant identification of most wiring problems including shorts, opens, reversals and mis-wires. This 3-in-one tester has jacks for testing USOC, 568A and 568B cabling systems.

MOD-TAP Carry CaseAccurately verifies the continuity and sequence of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-pair voice and data channels. Operates on included 9V battery and features an auto-off, to extend battery life. The two units conveniently snap together protecting the jacks. Protective carry case sold separately.

37140 MOD-TAP SLT3 Network Cable Tester
37142 MOD-TAP Cordura Carry Case

PC Cable Check
Quickly test cables for common wiring problems For D-sub, Coaxial and Telephone cables
Simple One Button Testing
Quickly Identify Cable Problems

Now tests USB cables! Quickly tests computer cables and more with a simple push of a button. With the PC Cable Check 1570 it's fast and easy to check for open, shorts and crossed conductors. Checks D-sub cable ( 9, 15, and 25 pin), coaxial cable and shield ( RG 58, RG 59, and RG 62), modular terminated telephone cable ( RJ 11, RJ 45) and Centronics cable (36 pin). Easy to read LED display identifies the pass/fail test results. CE approved. Includes 9V battery and weighs 36 oz. Macintosh version available.

37112 PC Cable Check

FLUKE Volt Alert Voltage Indicator
Checks For Live Voltage
Quickly test cables for common wiring problems Helps Ensure Safety
No Contact Necessary

Instantly check to see if voltage is present before starting work. Simply touch the plastic tip to a wire or outlet, if the tip glows red AC voltage is present. 5.5" long and includes pocket clip. Made in the USA.

37105 FLUKE Volt Alert Voltage Indicator

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